About Us

Power Quality Components (PQC) is the exclusive USA stocking partner for Mangoldt and FRAKO power quality products. PQC is dedicated to improving the quality of electrical power for commercial, industrial and utility systems.

PQC partners with electrical and machinery OEMs, to offer both stand alone and integrated harmonics mitigation and power quality solutions. With years of experience in solving complex power quality problems, PQC has the expertise to help design the right solution for you.

Mangoldt Reactors and Filters

PQC offers power quality filter technologies to prevent power quality problems and to comply with power quality standards, such as IEEE-519. Mangoldt reactors feature their exclusive PolyGap® iron cores for maximum performance with lower power losses and better linearity.

  • 5-in-1 Line / Load Reactors
  • Tuned Filters and Detuned Reactors
  • VFD Input Harmonic Filters
  • Sine Wave dv/dt Filters
  • Custom Reactors / Filters upon request
  • L-C-L for Active Front Ends or Grid-Tied inverter filters

FRAKO Capacitors

PQC offers Frako capacitors and related components for use in power factor and power quality filter systems. Frako offers Safer, Stronger AC capacitors featuring high continuous ratings for over-voltage, over-current and surrounding air temperature.

  • Power Factor / Harmonic Filter Capacitors
  • Power Electronic Capacitors
  • Capacitor Duty Contactors
  • Power Factor Controllers

Allied Industrial Marketing, Inc.

  • Harmonic Analysis and Predictive Studies
  • Diagnosis of Power Quality Problems
  • Power Quality Filter Design & Optimization

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