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Harmonic Filters

Input Harmonic Filters

IHF input harmonic filter

Mangoldt’s standard Type IHF Input Harmonic Filters provide three stages of filtering to achieve low residual
harmonic distortion levels, enabling electrical power systems to comply with the limits of IEEE-519 and other
international power quality standards. They are wide band harmonic filters, where low frequency current,
such as 60Hz or 50hz, passes easily through the filter, but the harmonic currents are attenuated (filtered). All
harmonic currents, that are characteristic of a 3-phase, 6-pulse rectifier, will be significantly reduced.

The IHF has 3 and 2 stage options based on the input impedance of your drive. This allows you to pick the best solution at the best price.

Input Harmonic Filters Catalog

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Sine Wave Filters

sine wave filter 1

Mangoldt PolyGap® Sinewave Filters convert variable frequency drive output voltage from PWM to a sinewave. This extends motor life by eliminating high peak voltage associated with reflected voltage pulses in applications having long motor cables. Sinewave filters can eliminate motor cable length restrictions.

Sine Wave Filters Catalog

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Detuning Reactors


Type DTR capacitor detuning reactors from Mangoldt protect power factor capacitors from harmful effects of harmonics and can suppress switching transients in power factor capacitors.

DTR reactors increase the capacitor system impedance at typical harmonic frequencies, which reduces harmonic currents that flow into the capacitor and helps to prevent harmonic resonance.

Detuning Reactors Catalog

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