Features & Benefits

Mangoldt…The Engineer’s Choice for Line/Load Reactors

1) 5-in-1 reactors: Line / Load / dv/dt / PWM / SCR Notch

a) Single item may be used in any of five applications
b) Fewer items to stock; always have the right reactor for the job

2) Full inductance / full % impedance

a) You get all the inductance you are paying for
b) Achieves best drive protection & reduction of harmonic currents

3) PolyGap® core construction

a) Achieves precise (-/+3%) and balanced inductance in all three phases
b) Minimizes losses (heat) due to harmonics
c) Virtually eliminate stray flux outside the reactor

4) Watts loss data based upon real world harmonic current spectrum

a) 5% impedance will result in about <35%THD-i
b) 3% impedance will result in about <44% THD-i
c) Use our watts loss data with confidence when sizing enclosures

5) Maintains 95% inductance when current surges to about 200% of rated current

a) Optimal protection for drives against transient over-voltage
b) Virtually eliminates nuisance tripping of drives due to over-voltage
c) Optimal protection against current surges

6) Slows down the rate of rise (dv/dt) of PWM voltage pulses

a) Protects motor windings against PWM voltage
b) Permits use of motors with medium length motor cables

7) Smooths motor current waveform

a) Reduces high frequency (PWM) current in motors
b) Reduces motor operating temperature, thus extending motor life

8) UL Tested with harmonic currents

a) Only reactors to be tested with full harmonic current flowing
b) Proven for real world applications

9) UL Listed for use at up to 690 Volts

10) All ratings stocked in Wisconsin for immediate shipment

While competitors have commoditized their products by reducing drive system protection and performance in the interest of reducing cost… Mangoldt maintains the highest performance levels at competitive prices. Use Mangoldt reactors with confidence.
There are many reasons why Mangoldt is The engineer’s choice for line/load reactors.

Mangoldt Pioneered PolyGap® Core Construction

Single Gap


Magnetic field enters winding:
hot spots & increases losses

Two Gaps


Magnetic field enters winding:
Hot spots & increases losses

Three Gaps


Magnetic filed enters winding near air gaps:
Hot spots & increased losses



Ideal: no magnetic field in windings, losses minimized

Safer, Stronger AC Power Capacitors


Special Contactor Features