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Reactive Power Compensation

Efficient and economic utilization of electrical energy can help prevent issues in your facility. Avoid overloads on generators, machines, facilities, and entire grids through compensation of reactive power.

Reactor VPI

Regenerative Energy Systems

As renewable energies in wind, solar, and hydro grow, the need for power electronics in those industries will increase.


Inverter and Drive Technology

Drives, converters, and inverters are used in industrial and commercial applications everywhere. Keeping these power systems clean and effective is vital to keeping industry advancing.

Reactor VPI

Active Filters

Active-filter reactors support safe and effective operation in a variety of environments, including industrial, commercial, and office facilities.


Power Plant Technology

Balanced power and safe, reliable supply are the basic foundation for the electrical grid that all industries rely on.

Reactor VPI

Stock and Specialized Products

Whether it’s a common stock need or a solution needing advanced, custom engineering, Mangoldt supports all types of applications and systems.

The PolyGap Advantage

Efficiency and durability are key concerns when addressing power quality. The Mangoldt PolyGap® Core Construction is a unique magnetic core and air gab design that sets the standard for reactor performance.

PolyGap distributes many small air gaps of varying length throughout the core, rather than having on a single or few air gaps. This increases performance and product life expectancy.

This core also helps to:

  • Improve the control of magnetic flux
  • Decrease stray magnetic fields
  • Reduce audible noise
  • Reduce temperature rise
  • Avoid undesirable power loss

Quality That Sets the Standard

Certified Processes

Mangoldt products offer high performance, reliability, and durability. It starts with expert engineering and design before any production begins. Everything that leaves the production floor follows strict certified processes with high quality control.


Mangoldt is proud to maintain many quality certifications, including ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

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